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CRM Management

Built on over 30 years of combined automotive experience, with penetrating insights into your entire dealership, we help discover revenue opportunities, improve CSI and optimize operations in multiple departments of your store. It is a platform for success designed to move you aggressively into the future of automotive retail.


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We increase eCommerce sales and closing ratios by installing simplified and proven processes, and providing daily accountability to make sure they are followed. We typically increase sales and closing ratios by 2-5 times over our starting baseline, while holding or increasing gross profit

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Our Process includes proper data organization, lead management, easier Manager involvement and oversight, and marketing spend efficiency.

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We train your Staff on how to follow the Process and your Managers on how to monitor and provide corrective actions.

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We hold everyone accountable to the Process with daily monitoring and reporting. This produces more contact with leads, more appointments and more saved deals.


Lead Management: First, we simplify and organize your data within your CRM. We work with any and all CRMs (we’ll recommend one if you’re looking). Next, we install our effective lead management process that produces contact with leads and helps your Staff work more efficiently.

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Training: We train your Sales Staff and Managers on how to follow our process, work as a team to set appointments and properly document everything that happens. We visit your store every month and provide classroom and one-on-one training for process reinforcement, phone skills, proper listening and management.

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Accountability: Maxx ROI holds Salespeople and Managers accountable by measuring compliance every weekday. We monitor email leads and phone calls to ensure leads are handled properly and deals are not lost. We send you a report every day to alert you on any process breakdowns.

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Reporting: In addition to our daily reports, we also compile customized monthly reports that we review with Ownership and Management during our monthly visits. These extensive reports show progress and deficiencies on a granular level, revealing the performance of the store, each employee, every lead provider and your bottom line profits. Like all of Maxx ROI's services, these meetings are a powerful and effective tool for eCommerce process analysis and course corrections.

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