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Profit Miner

Unmatched Media Intelligence

Our strategies are effective, potentially generation $1 to 2 million dollars in sales and service within a 90-day campaign. You don’t have to take our word for it; we not only send you monthly reports, but you can watch the results in real-time.

Concentrated Interactions

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Profit Miner is designed to engage not only active buyers, but also to identify the new target audience and serve as an end-to-end lead generation tool in cross-marketing environments. Supplemental to the internal CRM platform of choice, Profit Miner is a campaign-based SaaS Solution developed to shorten sales cycles.

Seamless Messaging

Profit Miner us a complete cross-platform targeted solution, with a multi-faceted-driven workflow. We create and organize social ads, email marketing, landing pages, and text messages into drip campaigns for strategically-timed and integrated deliveries. We help the sales staff nurture leads via innovative communications with prebuilt funnels. Profit Miner also offers a comprehensive set of reporting tools. Our analytical dashboard is created to help managers keep the sales team on task by organizing lead performance and sales goals ranking.

Comprehensive Clarity

Connect with your customers in a way that resonates with them. Profit Miner provides a clear view of your entire inbound marketing across all channels. Real-time communications, analytics, and results are accessible to the whole team. Promoting style and tonality unification by eliminating ambiguity.

Universal Gains

With our proven process, it’s not just you and your customers who benefit; your sales force also wins. Profit Miner offers innovative sales force management software that helps to increase your numbers and motivate your team to move the needle.

Financial Report


In the initial campaign setup, you will look closely with the Maxx ROI strategy team to organize your data infusion, population, and data modeling for initial campaign deployment. Maxx ROI campaign management, combined with our variable data printing, is an end-to-end solution for elevating your business outreach and, at the same time, staying connected with prospects repeatedly over predetermined periods for focused funnel marketing. From digital ads and social to print and email marketing, your campaign stays consistent and true to your brand promise.


Maxx ROI integrates with your preferred CRM through and ADF (Auto-Lead Data Format). All incoming leads can be sent from the application to the dealer’s CRM by the click of a button. Creating continuity between platforms and keeping everyone involved in the sales cycle.


In the developmentalized environment, workflow integrations can be set to send service and appointment leads into preselected departments by connecting email notifications directly from the applications console. By offering an integrative approach, Maxx ROI Dealer Solutions proves its adaptability and rapid deployment capabilities.

Security & Reliability

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Our systems are monitored and protected by the latest advancements in cloud technology. All sessions are 256-bit encrypted, and platform is continually monitored for optimal performance. Our systems are designed to scale and to adapt to the workload. It is our commitment to provide the best service and performance to each customer, regardless the size of your organization.


All the stats and analytics are accessible right from the main dashboard. We have the details and metrics you need for performance monitoring and internal observations. Alongside tracking ROI and user engagement, these reporting analytics can be utilized further to hone your campaign strategy and make adjustments to your long-term planning.

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Profit Miner uses its proven technologies to not only identify top-tier prospects, but convert them to buyers.

Data Design and Mining

Profit Miner employs a cleansing and predictive data base filtering that prospects who are ready to convert.

CRM Intigration

Knowledge is power and Profit Miner ensures that you have the valuable data you need to close deals. By integrating with your CRM, we provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date information that helps you capture every lead from sales to service.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Knowing that one-size marketing does not fit all, we use an integrated approach that includes multiple social media platforms, texts messaging, email, and digital and print media.

Sales Force Management

One of Profit Miner’s value-added features is its ability to monitor and manage your sales staff’s performance in the campaign. You and your sales force will appreciate the clear way leads are identified, allowing your team to track who has been contacted and closed or which leads remain available.

Dashboard Transparency

We know our approach works and we want you to know it, too. That's why we provide detailed monthly reports that allow you to measure tangible results.

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