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Video Conference

Maxx ROI dealer solutions has found yet another avenue to make your profits SOAR all while making your day  to day work flow stay on task.

With initial sales training we make sure that your new hire employee's are prepared from DAY ONE! We all know the expense of having an untrained salesperson can and will cost your dealership 10's of thousands of dollars. With Maxx ROI Dealer Solutions in both your dealerships and new hire's corner, success is BEYOND MEASURE!

Let Maxx ROI make your life easier and MORE PROFITABLE by training your new hires!

Training Process

  • Introduction (The beginning of a new career)

  • Road to the sale

  • Importance of phones and technology

  • CRM implementation

  • Complete CRM utilization

  • 50 unique clients loaded into the CRM

      (All clients called, texted and e-mailed)

  • Walk around video uploaded and sent to Managers.

This course will give your new hire the proper launch to a NEW CAREER!!

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